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Take a Look at the Technical Data of Arnold Fire®.
Arnold Glas - Der Film

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Fire-Resistant Glass: Arnold FireFire-Resistant Glass: Arnold FireFire-Resistant Glass: Arnold Fire

Fire-Resistant Glass: ARNOLD-FIRE®

The fire-resistant glass, ARNOLD-FIRE®, offers effective protection due to its high-temperature stability and heat-shielding characteristics as well as its UV resistance, light weight and thin profile. In addition, ARNOLD-FIRE® can also be used in combination with most other types of tempered glass and it can be used with a wide range of coating. The Advantages of ARNOLD-FIRE®:
  • UV Resistant Without a Supplementary Filter
  • High-Temperature Stability
  • Light Weight
  • Thin Glass Profile
  • Robust Heat-Shielding (Cold Surface < 100°C)
  • Shatterproofing of Protected Areas
  • Compatible with Most Types of Tempered Glass
  • Practically Colorless
  • Accepts Surface Treatments such as Films, Screenprinting, Enamels or Adhesive Window Staves
  • Low-Cost Self-Installation System Available for Fixed Sheeting